Amped Wireless Extender Setup

Are you looking for a way to complete the Amped Wireless range extender setup process? Given below is the Amped wireless setup guide.

Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup Guidelines

  • Start the Amped setup process by unpacking the Amped wireless range extender.
  • Now connect the wireless extender to an active power outlet. Power it on.
  • Wait for the LED lights to turn green.
  • With the LED lights powered on, connect the Amped wireless range extender with your internet router.
  • Switch on your computer. Launch a web browser.
  • Go to the address bar of the browser and type
  • Press the Enter key.
  • Now, the Amped wireless range extender setup wizard opens up.
  • Click on Scan to find your wireless network to extend.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Amped wireless extender setup process.

Now, the Amped wireless setup process is done and you are ready to connect to the internet. Use it for lighting-fast downloads and uninterrupted intrnet connectivity.

Do you find it hard to setup Amped wireless range extender via the manual method? Don't worry! There is another way for you to complete the Amped setup process.

Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup via Web Browser

Amped Extender Login
  • Plug in the Amped wireless range extender into a power outlet.
  • Wait for the LED lights to turn green.
  • Turn on your laptop.
  • Open a web browser.
  • Type in the address bar.
  • Click on the Amped wireless setup Wizard and follow all the steps.
  • Select the wireless network.
  • Click on Connect.

Doing Amped wireless setup will help connect you to the internet. All in all, Amped setup will give you a taste of the digital world. But if you still face issues in trying to execute the Amped setup process, then pay attention to the information below.

Let us now check out some of the common issues affecting the Amped wireless setup process.

Issues Affecting Amped Setup

Extender Setup
  • Amped wireless extender not connecting to the internet
  • Issue with connecting the wireless extender and internet router
  • Unable to access
  • Problems in updating wireless extender firmware
  • Amped wireless range extender lights blinking
  • Failure to complete Amped setup
  • Amped wireless range extender disconnecting from the internet

Are you facing any of the issues mentioned above? No need to worry! Our team of skilled tech experts are available round-the-clock to fix any Amped setup related issues.

To help you get rid of these Amped wireless extender setup issues the team of tech experts have come up with a solution.

Tips to Resolve Amped Wireless Extender Setup Issues

Given below is how you can resolve any issues with the Amped setup process.

Change Extender's Location

The location of your wireless extender is important during the Amped setup process. Poor location can interrupt with smooth connectivity to the internet. There are some things that interrupt with your Amped wireless range extender's ability to connect to the internet. Thus, it is better if you keep the wireless extender away from them while Amped wireless setup.

You should keep your wireless extender away from some objects during the Amped setup process. These include Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, treadmills, microwave ovens, water appliances, and baby monitors. You should also keep the extender away from reflexive surfaces like a mirror. All these can lead to serious Amped wireless setup issues in your extender's inability to connect to the internet.

Check the Power Outlet

Using a functional power outlet is what helps you during Amped wireless extender setup amplify the wireless network signals. Sometimes in a hurry you might connect it to a faulty or damaged power outlet. Never do this as it increases the risk of permanent damage to your Amped wireless range extender. Use a functional power outlet and replace it with a new one even if it has a small damage. You can also connect with our tech experts to setup Amped wireless extender.

Double-Check the Web Address

Even using Caps Lock key when you are typing the web address interrupts with the ability to setup Amped wireless extender. You should enter the Amped wireless range extender login address in the address bar of the internet browser. Do not enter it into the search bar as that does not leads anywhere. Keep away any typing errors when entering the web address. This ensures you are able to connect to the Amped wireless setup page.

Check Login Credentials

The password of your Amped wireless range extender is case-sensitive. It is very important that you enter the correct password to connect the extender to setup Amped wireless extender. There is no chance you would do Amped setup by entering the wrong credentials. Connect with our tech experts to know how to setup a strong password for your Amped wireless range extender.

Use an Updated Browser

The version of the web browser you use setup Amped wireless extender plays a pivotal role. To get seamless connectivity to the wireless network and setup Amped wireless extender, you have to use an updated web browser. You should clear out all caches, cookies and previous browsing history from the web browser.

Never keep extra tabs open. You can also use the browser in Incognito mode to do Amped wireless setup.

Ensure Proper Connection

The Amped wireless range extender helps you connect to the internet by amplifying the internet router signals. Make sure the connection between your Amped wireless range extender and router is stable during the Amped wireless setup process.

Update the Firmware

Ensure the Amped wireless range extender has the latest firmware. At times trying to connect the extender on an older version also causes problems when connecting to the internet.

Deactivate All Protection

Antivirus and firewall programs on your PC keeps it safe against hacking and virus infections. But these also create a problem when it comes to setup Amped wireless extender. Some of the protection features of these programs interfere with how you connect the extender with the router. Our tech experts advise you to turn off the antivirus program when doing Amped wireless setup.

Amped Extender Login

Damage-free Ethernet Cable

Using a faulty Ethernet cable with your Amped wireless range extender is never a good idea. Always use a new Ethernet cable to setup Amped wireless extender. The right Ethernet cable helps establish a solid connection during Amped wireless setup. You should always use an Ethernet cable that is free of any damage or cuts.

Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. These will help you setup Amped wieless extender with ease.

But, in this day and age of zero online privacy it is important to have a safe wireless network. What you can do in such a situation is create a strong login password for the amped wireless extender.

Let us now look at how you can create a strong wireless extender login password via the Amped wireless setup wizard.

Steps for Creating Amped Wireless Extender Password

Creating a strong login password helps you safeguard the wireless network from unauthorized access. Indirectly this also safeguards the vital information in your computer.

If a hacker were to gain access to your network, hacking into your computer system would not be so hard.

Given below are steps to help you gain access to the password creation area via the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.

  • Use a web browser to gain access to the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.
  • When you reach the Amped wireless setup wizard, click on More Settings option.
  • Go to the Management Window.
  • Go to the Password window.
  • Enter the username and password you want to create.
  • Verify Password.
  • Click on Apply.

Note: Our technical experts recommend that you create a strong password. It should be a combination of letters, alphabets, and symbols.

Along with the password it is super-important that you keep the firmware of amped wireless extender up-to-date. It helps you keep away potential hacking attempts and give access to unauthorized personnel. Our tech experts have come up with a step-by-step process to help you keep the extender firmware updated.

Amped Wireless Extender Firmware Update

Always remember, keeping the firmware on your wireless extender up-to-date has a major advantage. It takes care of any bugs within the hardware.

The first thing you should do is ensure the Amped wireless range extender gets proper wireless signals from the wireless internet router. Keep both in proximity to each other.

Let us now check out how you can upgrade the Amped wireless range extender firmware.

Amped makes sure that all its products are up-to-date. This provides you a great user-experience. When connected with an active wireless connection the extender helps you gain access to internet for new firmware updates. Save the current settings. You can do this by connecting with our tech experts.

First let us take a look at what issues impact the extender firmware update process via the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.

Amped Extender Login

Issues Affecting Amped Wireless Extender Firmware Upgrade

  • At times, you might plug in the amped wireless extender into a damaged power outlet. Doing this makes it hard to keep the extender ON let alone upgrade its firmware.
  • If you are unable to establish a proper connection between the router and extender this can lead to problems with firmware upgrade. Make sure you use the damage-free Ethernet cable when connecting the router with the extender.
  • Do not try to upgrade the amped wireless extender with a web browser running on an older version.
  • Did you enter the wrong web address in the browser address bar? This is a major hurdle in forming a solid connection between the internet router and wireless extender.
  • Did you keep the router far away from the extender? The distance between the two has a significant impact on whether you are able to connect to the internet or not.

Following these steps will help you complete the firmware upgrade via the Amped setup with ease.

Manual Firmware Upgrade for Amped Wireless Extender

On your amped wireless range extender, you can also perform a manual upgrade. All you need to do is download the firmware file for your extender.

To manually download the firmware update you should:

  • Download the file from at a particular location in your computer.
  • Now you need to look for the downloaded file in your computer.
  • Open the Amped setup wizard.
  • Click on the Choose File option and locate the file.
  • Click on Upload to start the upgrade.

Amped Wireless Extender FAQs

  • I am unable to connect to my home network. I am getting an error during Amped wireless Setup.
    • There is a chance that your home wireless network is secure. Make sure you have the right security key to connect to the home network.
    • Keep your Amped wireless range extender far away from the walls. Start the Amped wireless setup wizard again.
    • On the SCAN page the home network should show a signal strength of 70% or more. If it does not then move the wireless extender closer to your internet router. Try again.
    • Are you connecting to a dual band router? Make sure both the networks have a signal strength of 70% or greater.
    • Make sure the home network's router DHCP server is active. Your Amped wireless range extender should get the IP address from the home internet router. Also, ensure that you have successfully done Amped wireless extender setup.
  • As stated above you have to keep the Amped wireless range extender away from a number of devices during the Amped setup. Keep it away from baby monitors, television, refrigerator, microwave ovens, mirror, fish tank, washing machines, treadmills, and cordless phones. Also, do not place your device near reflexive surfaces during Amped wireless extender setup.

  • You need to follow the One-Touch setup to connect the Amped wireless range extender wirelessly.

    • Locate the WPS button on the back panel of your Amped wireless range extender.
    • Press and hold this button for a few seconds.
    • The Power LED should start to blink and come ON the wireless extender.
    • Push the WPS button located on your wireless extender.
    • Activate the WPS with the software that comes with the user manual.
    • WPS will autoconfigure and establish the connection settings for the wireless adapter to connect to the wireless extender.
  • There are two ways through which you can reset the Amped wireless range extender – the Reset button and Amped wireless setup wizard.

    First, let us take a look at how you can use the Reset button to do this.

    The Reset Button
    • Locate the Reset button on the back panel of the amped wireless range extender.
    • Using a paper clip press and hold the Reset button for 5 to 10 seconds.
    • Release the Reset button.
    • Wait for a few minutes. It gives an indication the Amped wireless extender has been restored to its original factory settings.
    Amped Wireless Setup Wizard
    • On your computer open a web browser.
    • In the address bar
    • Enter the password you created to access the Amped wireless setup wizard.
    • Go to More Settings and select the Management option.
    • Choose Save/Reload settings under Management.
    • Click on Reset Settings to Default tab.

    Note: This restores the amped wireless extender to its factory settings. Now, setup Amped wireless extender from scratch.

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